ATTENTION: During this training, Dr. Griffin will use the Silicon Valley System to walk you 'step-by-step' on how to create a New Patient Attracting "HIPAA Cautious" Facebook Ad funnel that requires NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE 
"Finally!  A Brand New Way to Harness the Most Powerful Team Motivation Tool Ever Created... a Bonus System that Works Longterm!"
  •  This System Makes Big Ideas a Reality Using the Power of Your Own Team
This System Makes Big Practice Ideas Come to Life
Learn How Walt Disney and Steve Jobs Inspired this Most Amazing Team Motivation System in History
Silicon Valley 'Secret' Implementation System Converted for Dental Practice Integration
That Will Eventually Make Everybody Miserable and Wreck Your Practice
This past year 84 'Beta Tester' offices around the country tried the Silicon Valley Bonus System and used it to make these 'Big Ideas' finally Come to Life
  • 1st Facebook Ad Campaign Run to find a new way to attract new patients
  •  Change our schedule so the doctor can take more time off
  •  Start our first ortho case after taking CE for years because we had a system in place and knew everything was in stock
  •  Build a 'perfect' implant cart to make it easier to do same day implants and also to KNOW that everything is where it is supposed to be.
  •  Start using medical billing in our office
  • Do our first Dentistry from the Heart charity day that gave us tons of exposure in the community and let us help so many people
  • Build a Systems and Policies manual so everyone knows what they are supposed to do in every situation
  • Start using procedure templates so same day dentistry is easy because rooms can be set up so quickly and easily
  • Set up a system of fast financial arrangements and quick insurance verification so we can tell patients their patient portion fast and easy
  • Start using our expensive Cone Beam more often to promote our implant practice
If you have Big Ideas on the back-burner in your office that you KNOW would grow your practice and make your life easier IF you could finally get them implemented... 
You can't afford to miss this training.  It should change your life!

Tuesday, Nov. 20th

@ 7:00PM CST, 8:00PM EST

Only 100 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Dr. Chris Griffin

Silicon Valley Bonus Expert and 
3 Day Dentist with 53% Overhead
  •  Attend this live training
  •  Integrate this Amazing Bonus 
  •  Turn Your Team Loose to Grow Your Practice 
What You Will Discover On This Free Training:
How to Identify a 'Death Spiral' Bonus Before It's Too Late
There are 3 Popular Systems that can Destroy Practices and Create Resentment.  Learn the Keys to Look for Before it Happens to You!
How to Start or Transition to a Silicon Valley Bonus System
It only takes about 1 hour of the doctor's time to implement this powerful system that could double your practice and make your team love you for it.
How to Be the 'Lunch Hour' CEO who Imparts their Vision and Stands Back
You may now have the time to 'WORK ON' your practice, but you don't need to!  Create a Vision, then Turn Your Team Loose to Make It Happen!
...And Much, Much More.  We promise we won’t hold anything back.  EVERYTHING REVEALED, NO CHARGE 
PLUS, We'll Answer Questions 'til the Cows Come Home.
Chances are you are either not getting the results you want, paying huge sums to a coaching program, or BOTH!

This amazingly simple system that started in Silicon Valley and is seeping into smart corporations all over drives practice growth so well, that you can cancel that expensive coaching program or marketing contract and still sustain increased new patients and production numbers without their help!

Plus, it will give your team the tools and motivation to become the best practice in the area, all the while keeping them happy and increasing their own opportunities and giving you peace of mind.

**PLEASE NOTE WEBINAR ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED and this ONE-TIME LIVE training will fill up quickly because this Formula is groundbreaking and the webinar is limited to 100 attendees due to technical restraints even though we expect hundreds of dentists to register.  We dentists are notorious for not showing up, but you never know...   Sign up now by clicking the button below now.
Show Up for this Training and You Will Learn:
  • How to identify a Death Spiral Bonus before it makes everyone miserable and kills your team unity
  •  How to apply the Silicon Valley System to your Practice in a way that could double your practice and make your team love you for it!
  •  You can stop spending THOUSANDS each year with big marketing companies and slick consultants who try to convince you that your results are better than they actually are.
  •  This is THE MISSING PIECE of the training for Implants, CEREC, Ortho, or any other highly advanced skills you have acquired. I don't even think you should do those trainings until you learn this protocol.
  •  This is THE answer for the age-old problem of doctor's not having enough time to manage their team. The Silicon Valley Secret will turn you into a Lunch Hour CEO (and it won't even take nearly the whole hour.)
  •  Once Your team starts seeing how this makes the practice better, THEY WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT!
And Much, Much More.  Don't Miss Out!  This could make your life better immediately.
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